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Supporting growth and building trust with our clients in health through encouragement and kindness

What We Do

Key Minds provides services through the Family and Social Service Administration (FSSA). Private Pay is also available for clients who do not qualify for Medicaid coverage. Key Minds offers a variety of home care services designed to meet your residential care needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Accepted Medicaid Waivers:

  • Community Integration and Habilitation (CIH)
  • Family Support Waiver (FSW)

Medicaid Waiver Services

  • Day Habilitation
  • Participant Assistance and Care (PAC)
  • Family and Caregiver Training (FCAR)

Key Minds Service Locations

Carroll County, Cass County, Clinton County, Grant County, Howard County, Miami County, and Tipton County

Caregiver/Direct Support Person (DSP)

Our Direct Support Persons work directly with Key Minds participants to assist individuals in maintaining a safe and healthy environment. We help improve clients’ lives and foster independence by performing only the functions specified in the participant’s Individualized Service Plan (ISP).

Our highly-trained DSPs offer friendly and compassionate guidance with home management skills, meal preparation, housekeeping, and tailored community incidentals.

We also provide:

  • Fellowship
  • Protection
  • Transportation
  • Letter Writing
  • Mail Reading
  • Event Escorting
  • Encouragement

Key Minds DSP Caregivers promptly report changes and concerns with customized documentation submitted each day. Explore our Direct Support Person service page to learn more.

Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

Our Personal Care Attendants provide in-home and community support services to assist participants with:

  • Daily tasks
  • Self-care
  • Household duties
  • Mobility

We help foster a sense of independence by administering ONLY the provisions outlined in a participant’s ISP.

Key Minds PCA professionals guide clients through personal hygiene, accessibility challenges, and social skill development to build trust, encourage growth, and demonstrate kindness. Our Personal Care Attendant team can also help with prescription and OTC medication handling and administering by offering:

  • Friendly reminders
  • Tailored cues
  • Appointment setting
  • Transportation
  • Medication tracking
  • Daily reporting

Explore our Personal Care Attendant service page for more details.

Day Habilitation Services


Participant Assistance & Care (PAC)

Family & Caregiver Training (FCAR)


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